Meet The Avengers: Social Use Avengers Assemble!

The Social Use Avengers are also here to help those seeking a license to open a Social Consumption Business a by providing access to technical, legal, community, and policy experts able to assist entrepreneurs who want to enter the space to serve the emerging Retail and Medical Consumption markets. In 2016, Denver voters chose to be proactive and get a head solution and passed Denver’s Initiative 300 to create opportunity for businesses to apply for regulated Designated Consumption Area (DCA) Permit where business patrons can use their space to legally consume Cannabis.

Our professionals have the most in depth and direct experience with Denver’s DCA Permits and provides end to end solutions for social consumption business models including:

  • ‘Green Zone’ Property Acquisition
  • Document and Administrative Entity Creation
  • Application Assistance
  • End to End Licensing Support
  • Community Support
  • Government Relations
  • Health, Safety, Waste, and Ventilation Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Monitoring Intoxication SOPs
  • Security SOPs
  • Marketing, Branding and Promoting
  • Asset Protection
Cindy Sovine
Cindy Sovine
The Visionary
Do you prefer your cannabis with coffee? Is ganja yoga your thing? Perhaps a movie theatre? How about a consumption friendly work space? The sky is the limit for Cannabis consumption business models. With over 20 years of government relations experience in local, state and federal governments, Cindy is highly effective at helping clients achieve their goals and successfully navigate ever-changing legislative, regulatory and political environments. A Colorado native who grew up farming and ranching in eastern Colorado, Cindy spent much of her career working in the industrialized medical complex for the pharmaceutical and insurance industry. Cindy began working Cannabis policy in 2016 after her step-dad’s journey with lymphatic cancer and seeing firsthand how cannabis alleviated his suffering and provided a quality of life that traditional medical treatments did not provide. Cindy seeks to open a Cannabis wellness center where patients can go to access each other for support and self care services. Her application that was denied by the City of Denver for being 18 feet to close to a day care center. She now seeks to help others find their Utopia while building her own. Her first hand experience and "all ships rise with the tide" mentality has made her a sought after resource for entrepreneurs looking to enter the social consumption space.
John Valdez
John Valdez
Mr. Green Zone
John Valdez exemplifies integrity, commitment, transparency and attention to detail in every aspect of his real estate transactions. Having been born and raised in the Denver Metro area, John’s knowledge of Denver has proven to be an asset to his clients. As well as his over twenty years of work in design, build, and development. In 2011, John decided to merge his design/build experience with real estate. In that time, John has earned the 2011 Rookie of the year, Top producer for Great Way Real Estate from 2013- 2018. John was nominated for 5280 Magazine’s Five Star Realtor Award. He is known by his clients for his outstanding service that includes: timely communication, expertise in design and build, availability, high tech marketing skills and excellent negotiation skills that always keep his client’s best interests at heart. In 2015 John saw a need for his expertise in the cannabis industry. He merged with a well established consulting business, Higher Yields. As the acting Director of Business Development and Vice President, John has been working tirelessly helping his clients locate properties suitable for social consumption clubs. His dedication to support the industry and knowledge of commercial real estate will help pave the way for future consumption clubs.
Andrew Mieure
Andrew Mieure
The Strategist
As a Budtending Strategist, Andrew facilitates the responsible consumption of cannabis and creates intelligent budtending solutions within the retail, social consumption and nightlife spaces. Over the past 3 years, he has successfully served cannabis to over 10,000+ guests, at 150+ events spanning 5 legal cannabis states. He has been quoted in High Times, Rolling Stone, CNN, FOX, VICE and Newsweek for advice on serving cannabis to guests in wedding, event and nightlife settings. When he's not behind the bud bar serving guests, he is working with state and local governments to create standard operating procedures, safe serving practices and sensible regulations regarding the social consumption of cannabis.
Melanie Rose Rodgers
Melanie Rose Rodgers
The Connector
Melanie Rose Rodgers began her cannabis journey in Denver’s medical marijuana community in 2009. As a lifelong cannabis enthusiast, she became involved in Denver’s grassroots movement while witnessing the innovation, patient testimony, and overall economic and cultural growth accompanying the budding medical cannabis industry. Fascinated by the natural benefits of the cannabis plant, and disillusioned with the corporate healthcare industry as a marketer for Cigna Healthcare, Melanie left for a career in cannabis. After 3+ years of various marketing and business development roles with a handful of cannabis nonprofits and a cannabis branding agency, she started marketing consulting and organizing events and fundraisers through a company of her own - Influential X. Founded in 2017, Influential X combines Melanie’s natural inclination to drive business growth using her creativity, experience and marketing knowledge to produce influential, educational experiences and campaigns. With Influential X, she’s found that co-creating and producing events focused on education, advocacy, and social responsibility culminates into a positively engaged community in action.
Kimberly Stuck
Kimberly Stuck
The Insight
Kimberly Stuck, Cannabis Compliance Expert, was the first Marijuana Specialist for the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment and therefore the first Marijuana Specialist for a public health authority in the Nation. Conducting compliance inspections, licensing assistance, license sign offs, running pesticide investigations, writing press releases, conducting recalls, conducting shelf stability and CBD source approvals, she’s done it all. The industry lovingly started calling her the “weed-whacker” primarily because she has disposed of ~28 million dollars of Cannabis/ Cannabis products in 2016 alone due to noncompliance. She has greatly helped Colorado develop requirements and has also helped California Department of Public Health (CDPH) develop their regulations. She has knowledge of all local, state and federal cannabis and health regulations. During the years as a regulator she grew a love for the industry and the people in it. While working as a regulator she noticed a huge gap in the industry when it came to Compliance Consultants. She knew she could make a huge difference and save Cannabis companies millions through active preventative measures if she started her own company. With the support of Industry and regulator friends she decided to launch Allay Cannabis Consulting. Allay Cannabis Consulting’s goal is to help the cannabis industry thrive on a global scale.
Rachael Ardanuy
Rachael Ardanuy
The Protector
Since 2015, Cannabis Business Attorney Rachael Ardanuy has dedicated her legal career to advising and representing entrepreneurs along the entire spectrum of the marijuana business industry – those interested in entering the licensed marijuana industry whether by buying an existing business or starting their own, seasoned marijuana industry members with issues they face while operating, as well as owners who are selling their businesses. Cannabis entrepreneurs face a multitude of hurdles in this industry, including knowing and complying with state and local laws, regulations, and trends of the industry, as well as all the nuances of operating their businesses in a responsible and profitable way. Rachael is committed to providing ongoing legal counsel and services including regulatory compliance, business formation, obtaining and maintaining businesses licenses, preparing and negotiating commercial real estate leases and purchases, financing, vendor and employment agreements, purchases and sales of cannabis businesses and assets, and nearly all other transactional or legal compliance issues a Cannabis business would face. Now that our country is finally seeing the pendulum swing in the right direction on cannabis and cannabis laws, this industry needs the legal smarts to address all the issues that come along with it. That’s what Rachael brings to the table.

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